Ventricular extrasystoles (premature ventricular contractions)

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Ventricular extrasystoles (prermature ventricular contractions) are a kind of heart rhythm disturbance, characterized by extraordinary, premature contractions of the ventricles.

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Ventricular extrasystole is manifested by sensations of interruptions in the work of the heart, weakness, dizziness, anginal pain, lack of air.

The diagnosis of ventricular extrasystole is established on based of heart auscultation, ECG, Holter monitoring. In the treatment of ventricular extrasystole sedatives, ß-adrenoblockers, antiarrhythmics are used.

Symptoms of ventricular extrasystole:

  • Feeling of "interruptions" in the work of the heart. Normally, a person does not feel the beating of his own heart. With ventricular extrasystole there is possible appearance of a feeling of "interruption", heart beats "outside the rhythm", the feeling of "upheavals" of the heart.
  • Weakness, dizziness.
  • Dyspnea, lack of air.
  • Anxiety, fear, panic, fear of dying.

This pathology can be detected using ECG Dongle [1], ECG Dongle Full [2] and «Serdechko» [3].